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Less Than One Month to Go: E-Waste World Co-Located with Battery Recycling and Metal Recycling Conference & Expos 2023

By: Amanda Tring

Published: 06/06/2023

Frankfurt, Germany, 28-29 June 2023.

Frankfurt, Germany, 28-29 June 2023.  With less than one month remaining until the highly anticipated co-location of E-Waste World 2023 with the Battery Recycling and Metal Recycling Conference & Expos, excitement is building among industry professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders. With over 1,000 companies pre-registered, the event promises to be an exceptional gathering, addressing the pressing challenges of electronic waste, battery recycling, and metal recovery.

E-Waste World has garnered a reputation as the premier global platform for discussions and solutions related to electronic waste management. As technology advances and electronic devices continue to proliferate, the responsible disposal and recycling of e-waste have become critical environmental and societal concerns. The 130+ speaker, 4 track conference aims to bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators to explore sustainable practices, emerging technologies, and policy developments in the field of e-waste management.

Simultaneously, the Battery Recycling and Metal Recycling Conference & Expos are due to establish themselves as significant events within the recycling industry. The demand for batteries and the sustainable recovery of valuable metals have never been more important. These conferences offer a unique opportunity for participants to delve into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in battery recycling and metal recovery, fostering a circular economy and reducing reliance on finite resources.

By co-locating E-Waste World, Battery Recycling and Metal Recycling Conference & Expos, attendees will have the distinct advantage of engaging with two interconnected industries. The combined event will feature an impressive line-up of keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and 100+ exhibitors showcasing the latest sector advancements.

“We are thrilled to be just three weeks away from the show,” said Peter Sarno, Event Director.  “The 2023 E-Waste World, Battery Recycling & Metal Recycling Conference & Expo will provide a unique platform for cross-sector collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation, enabling attendees to explore the synergies between electronic waste management, battery recycling, and metal recovery.  We look forward to welcoming our global audience back to Messe Frankfurt for this sizeable edition.”

The supercharged tri-located event is expected to attract 2,000+ international attendees. Professionals from various sectors, including electronics manufacturing, waste management, recycling, sustainability, and government agencies, will come together to share insights, experiences, and best practices. The event will offer ample networking opportunities, fostering collaborations and partnerships that drive positive change in the industry.

Registration for the three conferences & free-to-attend expos are still open, make sure you secure your seat quickly as spaces are limited.

For more information, including how to register, what sponsorship opportunities remain, and for the complete event schedule, please visit the official event website at